Recent Events




The Emerson Training Center will be offering seminars, lectures and events centered around the subject of personal defense and fighting skills.

We will be hosting seminars by some of the world’s finest instructors in a variety of fighting arts from various disciplines, including impact weapons, edged weapons and firearms.

Here is a list of some dynamic seminars that will be scheduled over the upcoming year. The dates will be listed here once the schedules get worked out:

  1. 1. Irish stick fighting with Glen Doyle.
  2. 2. Systema – the combat art of the Russian Spetenaz with Vladimir Vasiliev.
  3. 3. Gun fighting – fighting with guns at extreme close quarters with Navy SEAL, Larry Yatch.
  4. 4. Surviving The Deadly Attack-extreme close quarters hand-to-hand combat with Ernest Emerson.
  1. 5. The Warrior Project- Becoming the Warrior with Navy SEAL, Dave Hall and Ernest Emerson.